After going on the Walk To Emmaus #53

and being 53 Years old and being born in 1953

After coming off the walk I had such a desire to share what I had learned,

And my personal relationship with God,

My past mistakes from choices leading to loss of time and investments

I set out with the help of God to create a 4th day music,

Songs that might appeal to the world, But with messages of my testimony

To Plant seeds in the world, maybe people in difficult times could

relate to the messages from the songs,

And maybe to help them not make as many mistakes,

because if you put god first he will lead us on his path of Truth

This CD was created as a testimony of Ronny D Green

And not what I have done , But what God has done for me,

Life is full of choices, and usually wrong choices lead to a hard life,

When you are making the right choices You save a future of Problems

Alone in this world we sometimes have a hard time getting through

If you choose to have God in your life The journey can become a lot easier

Without God we stumble and fall a lot of times

But with God we have a helper that can pick us up

And carry us through whatever might come our way

God loves us no matter the mistakes we make

He will always be there to pick us up when we fall

Trust in the Lord and he will give you all that you need

All you have to do is ask!

God Bless You Amen

Ronny D. Green


Plainview Daily Herold